Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wife Rule #45: You Can't Argue With The Truth

My wife has a certain talent for making powerful logical arguments. They are irrefutable because they are The Truth, and The Truth is even strong enough to confound a four-year-old's logic. As an illustration of this ability, I recently heard the tail end (ha ha) of the following exchange:

Scott (calling from the bathroom): "Mom, will you [muffled request blah blah blah]?"

My Wife: "No."

Scott: "But Mom, I don't want to!"

My Wife: "But it's your bum."

Scott: [silence, as The Truth seeps slowly in]

So Scott is learning the inconvenient reality that I learned early on in our marriage: my wife always speaks The Truth. And when faced with The Truth, there's just not much you can say back.


Amy said...

Hehe. Hey, you mentioned you need permission to read my blog. Please mail me and tell me which address you want the permission sent to. (And please ignore my bad grammar.)

Julie said...

Isn't that so funny that we ALL have to figure that out? Grace is in the same bum stage as well! :)

chelse said...

ha ha that just great. i'm proud to say i'm past that stage and i don't ask anyone else to help me out. so proud....