Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wife Rule #105: I'm In Love

I'm in love. With a girl. And I'm not talking about my wife.

She's an awful lot like my wife, however. For starters, she has my wife's clear, blue eyes, shaped and set nearly identically in their faces. The same look of complete innocence shines through them, a kind of invisible light that emanates from the purity of the soul behind those eyes.

She has my wife's nose and mouth--undoubtedly--and I have tried kissing both. Quite frankly, I find it difficult to stop once I get going.

She has my wife's hair, almost a perfect color match of golden brown. She wears it in ways that drive me crazy, just like my wife.

She's got perfect, dainty hands that accentuate her femininity. They are soft and smooth to hold, and warm in my palm, just like my wife's. Her feet are shaped the same, with extra high arches; her toes are adorable, just like my wife's.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that she's about twenty-five inches tall. My wife is taller.

Yes, my little Charity, who turned one year old today, is a spittin' image (literally) of my wife. Especially when she's happy. Especially when her eyes crease with laughter and her little nose scrunches up into a wide, toothless grin. She melts me, just like my wife.

It's no wonder I'm in love.


Jenny and Al said...

I'm in love with that Bebes, too! I heard her birthday party was fun.

LuckyMatt said...

It was fun. She really seemed to enjoy herself and the strange freedom she was accorded to rip paper, hoard toys, and eat frosting to her heart's content.