Friday, September 18, 2009

Wife Rule #116: I Kid You Not

"I was looking at Dawn today, and I noticed that she has absolutely beautiful eyes," my wife gushed to me recently. "I always knew that Dawn has my eyes," she continued. That's true. People have been telling my wife that so often since Dawn's birth that there was no room for disputing that fact. And then she reached her conclusion: "That means that my eyes are beautiful too!"

No kidding.

How many hundreds of times have I told her that over the last fourteen years? Hasn't she noticed how many times I find myself staring shamelessly into her wide, innocent, eyes? Doesn't she know that looking into her eyes is like being immersed in the deep blue expanse of the sea? Like gazing into the light-filled heavens on a moonless night? Like being warmed by candlelight in winter? Like the visions of color created by sunlight streaming through stained glass cathedral windows? Like being captured and held frozen by such breathtaking beauty that you are rendered utterly helpless? Like beholding incarnate kindness and unbounded grace? Like glimpsing the very wonder of eternity?

Yes, dear. Your eyes.



Mom said...

The very first thing I noticed about Brooke were her beautiful eyes! I've always loved them and yes, Dawn has her eyes.

Christy Edgel said...

Brooke does have beautiful eyes! That must mean that Dawn does, too- and that you, Matt are such a romantic! Love your blog:)

Anonymous said...

from an unknown fellow thirty-somethinger...
I stumbled upon your blog and instantly realized we are of the same religion. Takes one to know one! Right? Anyway I wanted to let you know that your comment about your wife's eyes was spiritually brilliant. That is how I feel when I am with my wife. It is like she does not get it. What am I doing wrong?