Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wife Rule #121: The Unblemished Truth

What do you call it when my wife
(1) gets all the kids ready for church because I am at early-morning meetings
(2) takes the tired, ornery baby during the last hour of church so I can be free to attend to my church responsibilities unimpeded,
(3) lets me attend choir practice, while she instead spends the hours right after church making her famous homemade rolls for our family dinner,
(4) makes a batch of cookies in addition,
(5) lets me--in fact, encourages me--to take a nap after choir practice, before heading out to the dinner,
(6) while gathered with the family, during a special moment of quiet reflection and solemnity involving my father with cancer, basically takes herself out of the picture by removing of all the noisy little kids, so the rest of the adults can enjoy the moment,
(7) is willing to take the kids home and put them to bed while I linger just a little longer with Mom and Dad on this special night,
(8) does a hundred more things that I probably fail to take notice of?

I don't know.

But whatever you call it, I certainly don't deserve it. I often really don't deserve her at all. And that's the unblemished truth.


Mom said...

You are a lucky man! Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

Shell said...

Matt, It brings tears to my eyes that you recognize how much your wife does for you. I'm so glad. I totally agree with you. Brooke is a great wonder woman.

LuckyMatt said...

Shell, yet one more thing I have in common with onions. :-)

Me said...

Wow, it's great to see a husband that truly appreciates all the big and little things his wife does for him.