Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wife Rule #141: Love the Little Things

She screamed at me last night, and was still sobbing when I shut the door, leaving her alone in the dark. It didn't sound to me like a sincere cry, but one of those meant only to manipulate another into giving in.

I wouldn't give in, for her own good. But I still hate ending a day that way.

This morning, as I was shaving, she tentatively opened the bathroom door. When she saw me glance her way approvingly, she entered in, all smiles and sunshine, like a fresh, morning breeze. She never spoke, but she communicated plainly. Her blue eyes connected with mine, a look of pure love shining from them, her mouth drawn into a wide, beaming smile. She was happy, so happy, to see me--just as I was to see her again, after a whole night apart.

As I turned to comb my hair, she reached into the drawer. When I next glanced down at the counter, the toothpaste tube had been placed carefully next to my toothbrush, waiting for me.

She is always anxious to serve.

She never holds a grudge.

She melts me with her smiles.

And she is barely two years old.

I love being a dad (and I have my wife to thank for it).


Christy Edgel said...

I LOVE this post. I also have a (barely) 2 year old little girl- we have these same experiences at our house. How lucky we are to have these angels in our homes!!!!

Brooke said...

And I loved how she proceded to our bed, climbed up and gave my cheek the sweetest pat and rub you could imagine. "I love you sooo much," she cooed as she continued to rub my cheeks and hair.

If only it would last past 8:30 AM.