Monday, August 23, 2010

Wife Rule #145: Sometimes One Is Enough

One of the great things about marriage is that there are two of you accomplishing what couldn't be done by one alone. Some things, like babies, are impossible to accomplish alone. Another great benefit, however, is the reverse: sometimes there are things that one person can accomplish for two. Husbands and wives thus fulfill complimentary roles, sort of filling in each others' gaps, enriching both partners.

I had such an experience the night I wrote the previous Wife Rule, the one where I waxed super-sentimental about my wife and newborn daughter. As I was sitting there, rocking my child in her sleep, feeling so full of love, my wife looked up from her reading.

"You're feeling all sentimental," she observed by a quick look into my beaming face. Then she continued, "I'm sorry I can't join you right now. I'd love to, but I'm reading about zombies."

Sometimes one of us is enough.

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Alan Macfarlane said...

All the respect I had for Brooke just went up 1,000 points by the mere fact that she was reading about zombies.

You married a good woman, Matt. Don't let her get away.