Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wife Rule #137: I'll Take the Minivan

I can't really say
That I traded in my sports car for a minivan
Because I never had a sports car
We had each other and bills and a baby
before we even finished college

When the fourth baby came
We traded in our sensible, family sedan
(It was gray because that's what was in the used car lot)
For a minivan
But baby, it's still hot

Tonight it was filled to capacity
With a raucous chorus
Singing the tune (more or less)
Of a favorite family song
Even the baby,
Number five,
Was cooing along in rhythm
A rear-view mirror full of joy

Without you,
My Love,
There would be no chorus
No favorite family song
And certainly no minivan
Only traffic in the rear-view mirror
Of (perhaps) my sports car
And an empty seat beside me

So next time you ask me which car I'll take
I'll take the minivan

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