Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wife Rule #138: She is my Universe

There are a great many distractions and temptations in this fallen world where we live. It was meant to be this way. Living in this condition tests us to our very cores and helps us to know, to the deepest degree, whether we will prize and prioritize that which is most precious above all, when there seems to be a million other things clamoring for our time and attention.

Sometimes it is refreshing to "get above it all," to a place where the haze and confusion clears and where we can see to far-off, and far better places. I visited such a place this past weekend.

My wife and I returned to where we were married, to the temple where our kingdom began. We remembered that day, and in so doing we renewed our vows to each other and to the God whose authority binds us together as husband and wife for all eternity. And this thought came into my mind:

She is my universe.

Yes, indeed, she is my universe. A commitment of love, friendship, loyalty, and fidelity between a husband and wife that has no end does, in effect, rule out any and all other lesser priorities, distractions, and temptations.

She is my universe.

Our wedding vows have no end. We were married in a place and by authority that transcends this dim, mortal existence, into far brighter and better spheres. Our union will go on forever, if we will choose to make it last forever. The sometimes happy, sometimes arduous journey my wife and I are on, if we prove faithful, leads to an ever-expanding kingdom that literally has no end.

God has laid the path before us. The immortality of the human soul is a fact and a forgone conclusion; the quality of life we will live is highly variable, and is completely up to us.

If I allow her to truly become my universe--so that our marriage and family becomes central to every goal I make and every endeavor I undertake; so that my love for her supersedes all other interests and distractions in life; so that she becomes the preeminent figure in my world, excelling all except the God who gives us life and salvation and enables our hope for an eternal union; if I look ahead to the potential of every husband and wife so joined by eternal authority--there really is no end to what we can create together. There is an entire, infinite universe embedded in the souls of two people who love each other with their whole hearts and who follow God's laws relating to that love. Our universe is waiting, wanting to unfold, and all wrapped up in our vows to live in love together.

When I have such thoughts in my head, and such feelings of divine love and anticipation in my heart, she truly becomes my universe.

What a wonderful way to begin the rest of forever.

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