Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wife Rule #84: Read the Good Book (II)



The author beholds a beautiful maiden--he becomes whooped--he desires to meet her, despite his weakness--great is the reward of him who is not a wimp.

AND as I tarried one day I beheld a amaiden; and she was bexceedingly fair and beautiful. Yea, her beauty did exceed that of the stars in the sky, insomuch that my heart did exclaim, Mercy!
 2  For so exceedingly fine was she that as I looked upon her it did seem to me as a dream; yea, as if I was acarried away, unto the separating of my soul from my body; and I did long to meet her.
 3  But so great was the mass of the people (now I do not mean that they were all fat, rather that there were many), yea, so great was the mass as they did exit the large and spacious room, that there was no opportunity for me to make my way to her side, that I might introduce myself.
 4  Nevertheless and notwithstanding the difficulty of the task, I did still adesire greatly to meet her. And as I saw her from time to time, I did wait patiently for the chance to meet her.
 5  And it came to pass that on several occasions she did sit nearby, but my aheart failed me and I did not open my mouth to speak to her.
 6  Now I would exhort you, my brethren, that when ye shall see fair maidens, that ye would not be wimps, but that ye would open your mouths and speak to them, for great will be your areward.

Footnotes for Chapter 2
1a The "maiden" referred to is undoubtedly the same Wonder-Woman-like babe that is the subject of Wife Rules, who is universally acknowledged as the most beautiful girl of all time.
1b TG MegaBabe
2a TG Whooped; Babes, Effect Upon Studs
4a IE he wanted her; TG Righteous Desires
5a TG Wimp; Babes, the Downfall of Studs
6a TG Kisses

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