Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wife Rule #86: Read the Good Book (IV)



The University Police escort the author out of the building--he rejoices in the prospect of asking Crystal Waters out--the day arrives, and he asks her out.

AND it came to pass that when I had finished my song, that the University Police did escort me swiftly from the building.
 2  For never before had a student burst into song in the middle of class; yea, and never before had a student such great cause for rejoicing;
 3  For it did seem to me that I could get to know her and eventually ask her out, when she would be familiar enough with me so as to be able to handle my amanliness.
 4  For it was apparent to me that I was avery manly.
 5  And much time did pass, during which time I did think of Crystal Waters from time to time, and did make aexcuses to speak to her in class.
 6  But it was not until the last minutes of the last class day before finals that I did ask her out. And she did gladly aaccept, for behold, I was a stud, and her heart was bprepared.

Footnotes for Chapter 4
3a TG Studs, Sometimes Overwhelming
4a TG Chin, Stubble Upon
5a TG Sweaters, Compliments About
6a TG Babes With Superior Judgement
6b TG Skills, Babe-Catching

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