Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wife Rule #85: Read the Good Book (III)



The author is a stud, and all the maidens want him--he seizes the opportunity to meet the Babe--her name is revealed--he sings a song of love.

NOW I would that ye should understand, that I was not without astudliness; yea, even though she did intimidate me, yet I was large in stature, insomuch that I was bfair to look upon myself.
 2  And it came to pass that I was much weighed down because of the burdens which were upon me;
 3  For behold, all the fair maidens in the whole land did greatly desire to have me, all save the Fairest One, who knew not who I was.
 4  And in due time I did find her sitting nearby. And it came to pass that I did sit myself next to her, that she did abehold my studliness.
 5  And it came to pass that I did introduce myself to her; and so aimpressed was she that she could say but little; therefore we did not talk much that day.
 6  And we did begin a friendship; and her name was aCrystal Waters.
 7  And my heart did rejoice within me; and I did sing, yea, even with a loud voice:
 8  A Babe! A Babe! I have found me a Babe! There is none so beautiful as she; there is none so studly as me; it surely was meant to be, this beautiful Babe and me!

Footnotes for Chapter 3
1a TG Truth; Standard of Men; Studliness; Buff; Handsome; Worth Your Time; Man, Strong but Sensitive; Highly Desirable
1b TG Mirrors, Uses For; Babeslayers
4a TG Obvious; Babe With a Sound Mind
5a HEB immediately whooped
6a From the Greek, meaning "One that attracts Studs"

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Shell said...

Matt, you are hilarious! What a talent you have for writing..and with such wit!